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    Course Layout

1 349 327  291  267 4
2 225 184  165  147 3
3 366 345  319  258 4
4 378 372  358  340 4
5 408 389  363  299 4
6 398 369 316 287 4
7 183 143 112 108 3
8 568 523 471 408 5
9 409 385 333 290 4
Out 3284 3037 2728 2404 35
10 589 559 531 405 5
11 377 351 333 311 4
12 424 400 352 284 4
13 354 325 288 254 4
14 207 185 157 128 3
15 421 395 363 339 4
16 155 122 110 97 3
17 438 407 383 364 4
18 600 561 541 515 5
In 3565 3305 3050 2697 36
Out 3284 3037 2728 2404 35
Total 6849 6342 5786 5101

Course Tour

  • Hole #1


    An uphill hole, this medium length starting hole is a good warm-up. Seemingly simple, the tee shot plays into a gentle valley. However, the deep greenside bunker imposes itself on the approach. The better angle to the green means flirting with the fairway bunker. The green falls from back left to front right.
  • Hole #2


    A medium par 3 that looks longer than it plays. Playing with the predominant wind, this hole will change depending upon pin position and weather. Keep the ball below the hole for the best opportunity to make a putt.
  • Hole #3

    Devils Nest

    The spirited may want to "let 'er rip" but the more cautious and thoughtul golfer will want to position the ball approcimately 220 yds along the left edge of the fairway for the best approach to this demanding green. A nest of "nasty" greenside pot bunkets will catch many an errant shot to this small inviting green. Take a par and move along.
  • Hole #4

    Celtic Sky

    Stretched across the landscape, this hole is simultaneously inviting and daunting. The tee shot must navigate four fairway bunkers. Even the best of tee sots may leave a semi-blind approach to this "low profile" and undulating green. A good strategy may be a bump and run shot to this novel green setting, characteristic of the Irish links.
  • Hole #5


    A conspicuous dogleg right, this hole begs for a left to right shot. However, if overplayed, the ball will find an early grave. The fairway and green ascend from the valley floor and lay in wait precariously along the edge of the ridge. A pin tucked in the back right is intimidating. Best to lay to the middle of the green here.
  • Hole #6

    Nag's Mount

    This launching pad provides a wonderful view of the entire front nine. A good play is to the bottom of the hill, immediately in front of the fairway "cross-bunkers." A soft touch to this wekk guarded green is required to get it close. This gently crowned green will repel poorly executed shots.
  • Hole #7

    Bell Tower

    On top of the world, this uphill par 3 will have you playing back into the wind. Take comfort and an extra club... leaving it short will prove disastrous. For the less bold, play it left to a bail out area. A pin in the back right will hang dangerously close to misery.
  • Hole #8

    Druid's Temptation

    A short hole, this will not be easily attacked. A receptive shot gives rise to a compelling approach to this intimate green setting. Second shot placement will be the key to success on this meandering par 5. The green is severely sloped from front right to the back left, so the angle of approach should favor the left side of the fairway.
  • Hole #9

    Glen Erin

    From the glen, this soft uphill par 4 is a strong two shot hole playing around the hillside. A semi-blind approach shot will require trust. The green is settled into the hill, favoring a left to right approach with deep bunkers guarding the right side of the green.
  • Hole #10

    Wicklow Ascent

    The start to the back nine is an intimidating uphill tee shot to crest overlooking the back nine holes. The green is unreachable on the second shot, so second-shot placement and angles should be considered. This green features two bunkers in front and back-left, as well as a deep swale behind the green ready to catch aggressive play. The green is crowned and approach shots may roll through if care is not taken.
  • Hole #11

    Bunratty Heath

    A shortish par 4, this hole is at the mercy of the elements. Prevailing winds and a deceptive duo of bunkers will wreak havoc on the unwitting.
  • Hole #12

    Temple Gate

    This is a demanding par 4 playing deep into the woodland. A tee shot must bisect oaks that stand sentinal along the edges of the wide but menacing landing area. The second shot must soar over a valley to a green fortified by two magestic hardwood trees.
  • Hole #13

    Patrick's Defense

    Playing back out of the woodlands, this hole has two personalities. The tee shot must play from a canyon of aks to an openng guarded by fairway bunkers. The approach shot will play to a green characterized by links-free features, including a deep native waste bunker, a greenside chipping are and a swale bisecting the green.
  • Hole #14


    The first of two strong par 3s on the back nine, this hole will require a steady stroke playing across and along a deep waste bunker to a large, serpentine green. Depending upon pin location, club choice may vary by two or more. Playing away from the bunkers will find an unpleasant result, as the grade pitches quickly from the green.
  • Hole #15

    Ryan's Wrath

    Options are available on this medium length par 4. A driver may be warranted, or maybe a two iron to the base of the hill. Regardless, an uphill shot is required to an elevated green with a variety of pin locations possible. Bunkers protect the left, and a steep fairway incline protects the right. Missing to the right could be ruinous.
  • Hole #16


    This is another bedeviling golf hole. A beautiful but deadly short par 3 will impart a few birdies, some pars, and even more bogies. Club selection will be determined by wind conditions and pin position. Don't be long! This is a huge green so play steady.
  • Hole #17

    Glen Downs

    Length off the tee will be favored on this long par 4 as a big shot will roll to the base of the hill. However, a solid long-iron approach is still necessary to reach this perched and well-protected green.
  • Hole #18

    Faith & Hope

    This is a grand and befitting finish. A long par five must be played with cautious aggression. A well-placed tee shot encouages a second shot to the top of the hillside, and then a shot or mid-iron to a shallow, well-guarded green sited at the base of the clubhouse. This two-tiered green requires play to the proper section for a chance at a birdie.